Compose Ability

Compose Ability™ is an adaptive system that allows anyone - no matter their abilities - to create and control original music.

About Us

Music is Our Passion


Even with severe disabilities, there is a whole person in there. And that person loves music. Music can bring kids with disabilities the brightest future! A lifetime of professional music, and 20 years of work with disabilities has brought us Compose Ability.

Music Transcends it All


No matter your ability or disability, music reaches into every soul. A child with disabilities can choose songs, participate in music therapy, and appreciate all music. But with Compose Ability, anyone can create and control original music: their own music!

Adaptive Creation and Control


Compose Ability is an adaptive system that links a wide variety of sensors to a Eurorack modular synthesis system, allowing a completely customized approach to composing original music. Anyone with a pulse can participate!


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